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N3-2 poles

Product description
型號/Part No.: N3-2 poles
料號/Number: N30200300000G

Please refer to the pdf file. The website drawing is for reference only. For details, please contact sales.

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安規類別/Safety category:cULus 
額定電壓/Voltage rating:600V
額定電流/Current rating:35A
適用線經/Wire range:
單芯線經(AWG)/Solid wire(AWG):12-24
多芯線經(AWG)/Stranded wire(AWG):12-24
剝線長度/Wire strip length:11~12mm
耐電壓值(1分鐘)/Withstanding Voltage:3.4 KV
安全認證/Safety Approval:
操作溫度/Operating temperature:-40℃ to +85℃