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ZTC & ZBC - High Current Teriminal


Power equipment, photovoltaic equipment, wind power generation equipment, etc.


① ZTC series large current terminal adopts screw crimping base closed integral structure.


② Rated voltage 660V,can be connected to 10-240mm2.


③ Product structure is simple, easy to install, with TO type terminal use. 


④ More solid and reliable, can be used as a large current connection of all kinds of electrical devices.


⑤ Equipped with dustproof cover plate and PVC white label strip. 


① ZBC series large current terminals have the characteristics of simple design, convenient installation, visual connection, etc. 


② Install directly on the panel without guide rail. 


③ It can be freely combined, no need for connecting bar below 10P, and connecting bar above 10P. 


④ When disassembling, a word screwdriver pry from the bottom of the terminal groove. 


⑤ ZBC 60A-300A four terminals can be connected to each other, sharing a connecting bar.

(ZBC 60A-300A四種端子可互相連接,共用一根連接條)

⑥ Made of PC material, high temperature resistance, good toughness, not broken.